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For over 38 years PANTHERM has developed innovative radiating systems suitable for new buildings, renovations and industrial buildings. The extensive range includes floor, wall and ceiling solutions to ensure the best temperature distribution.
Over the years, the catalogue range has been enriched with the introduction of patented manifolds.

Developed in collaboration with university professors, Pantherm patented manifolds are made by die-casting a fiber glass reinforced technopolymer; they are resistant to high temperature and they are equipped with instant circuit capacity display system, which simplifies calibration and balancing even in the event of different circuit lengths, premises dispersion, and flooring.

But we did not stop here!

To offer maximum comfort, Pantherm has developed the following systems:
Sanitary distribution systems: patented, removable, ideal for reducing installation time & costs and for ensuring reliability and safety against accidental leakage.
Heat Metering Systems: pre-assembled, with individual control. It’s a made-in-Italy patent, modular and scalable, ideal for thermal and sanitary metering and distribution in centralized plants.
Geothermal manifolds: modular, with manual control, designed to optimize performance systems, they allow accurate control not linked to probes capacity.

Pantherm Research and Development: a division at the service of your projects.