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GT Compact

GT Compact


GT COMPACT is the monolithic manifold designed for the regulation of large-volume heat transfer fluids for floor-mounted systems. Its structure boasts a more compact axle of only 48 mm (compared to the standard 55 mm) making it more manageable and usable. The high durability performances are guaranteed by the construction in technopolymer material with brass inserts. The manifold is available in format from 3 ports to 13 ports.





    • Monolithic structure
    • From 3 to 13 ways
    • 48 mm compact spacing spacing
    • Adapter 1 “1/4 M Brass GAS
    • Brass mounts to brass
    • Excellent resistance to chemical agents, ozone, UV rays, etc.
    • Unstable from limestone
    • Maximum operating temperature: -10°C(14°F)/82.2°C(180°F)
    • Operating pressure: 1.5/3 bar
    • Maximum operating pressure: 4.5 bar
    • Test pressure: 6 bar
    • Internal passage: 29 mm
    • Distribution 3/4 “M Gas Eurocono brass
    • Manual or Thermostatable Control
    • Micrometric flow adjustment on return manifold, with instantaneous display
    • Reading resolution from 150 to 500 l/h in ring
    • Maximum water-glycol percentage: 50%


Monolithic manifold with brass inserts with variable number of ways mod. GT COMPACT, brand PANTHERM.
The manifold must be complete with:

  • check valves on manual/thermostatable flow manifold
  • Precision valves for adjusting the individual flows on the return manifold to ensure perfect balance of the system.
  • thermometer, automatic air vent valve, auxiliary attachment for loading and unloading of the plant both on the delivery manifold and on the return manifold
  • power supply with 1 “1/4 M sleeve
  • Connectors for 3/4 “Eurocone secondary circuits for 12/14/15/16/17/18/20 × 2 mm PEX or multilayer tubes and brass 14/15/16/17/15mm)
  • Anti-vibration brackets made of plastic for wall mounting or containment cabinet.

The presence of independent shutdown and balancing devices on each circuit is a prescription of standard EN 1264-4 for all installations in the floor.